Materials Used and How We Make Signs



  • Extira: 99.9% of our hand carved custom signs are made with extira. Extira is a wood composite. It is impenetrable to both water and insects. It is incredibly dense and gives a beautiful smooth surface for your sign.


  • MDO: Maximum density overlay, sign makers plywood, we buy ours, pre-primed and with a paper overlay. This gives it a beautifully smooth surface for accepting paint. We further its quality by epoxying the edge of the board to make the sign impenetrable to water seeping in through the edges and then freezing. This is why we are able to give the guarantee that we do, this and the great paints and high performance vinyls that we use.


  • 1/8” PVC: We prefer to use colored 1/8” pvc for our site signs, rather than aluminum blanks that is most common in other shops. This makes our site signs slightly more expensive, but we think that they look better and that they look better longer. The colored pvc is a solid color all the way through, if it just scratched while in the back of your truck while you are moving it from one location to the next, it is only scratched but still the right color, and it doesn’t rust or get bent.


  • ONE SHOTS: A paint that was originally developed to paint cars, later used in the sign industry and named “one shots” because the thickness of the paint allowed lettering to be done in one coat without any bare spots. We use one shots for the glossy effects and the pure color quality.
  • OLD VILLAGE: We use these satin paints for the beautiful array of New England colors and for the fine quality. One Shot and Old Village are our standard shop colors, if these colors are unable to match your needs we suggest choosing a color from the Benjamin Moore Palate.
  • BENJAMIN MOORE: BM paints are very good, we only use the wood and metal enamel paint but for $25 we will custom order any color you like.


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE VINYL: We only use high performance vinyl in our shop. There are three grades of vinyl for lettering and graphics. Low Performance is only for indoor applications and has a two to three year durability. Intermediate is for indoor or outdoor and has a four to five year durability. It is thicker than high performance vinyl and therefore shrinks at a faster rate, we do not use it. High performance vinyl has a seven to nine year durability and it is the only vinyl we use on our quality signs.
  • 22k SIGN GOLD: Is a Teflon coated 22K gold leaf placed on vinyl backing. It has a fifteen year durability. It is expensive at $60/sqft. We offer it on our painted signs in either satin or Florentine finishes.

Gold Leaf for Carved Signs:

  • NOTHING BUT 23k PATENT GERMAN for our guilded signs

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