Caring for Your Sign

Hand Carved and Painted Signs:

All you need to do to maintain your sign is to wash and wax it twice yearly. We suggest doing this in the spring and in the fall. Wash your sign with warm water and a mild, non-abrasive soap and a soft cloth. Do not scrub the sign, for stubborn dirt areas use the soak and wait method. Once the sign is clean, dry it with a soft cloth, then wax it with car wax. We use turtle wax but any car wax with UV light protectants will work.

If your sign has 23 karat gold leaf… DO NOT WASH IT, WAX IT or SCRUB IT… leave it alone. Your sign will last for many, many years if you properly care for it.

Magnetic Signs:

Keep your Magnetic sign clean by washing it with a mild non abrasive soap and a soft cloth or sponge.

Once a week remove your magnetic sign from your auto door and wash the door and the back of the magnetic. This is especially important during foul weather. If dirt accumulates behind the magnetic the sign will not adhere well to the door and it could fly off while driving.

Also if the magnetic is not removed regularly from the auto the sign may permanently bond to the door, making it impossible to remove from the door without causing harm to the door and the door paint.

Banner Care:

Your banner is a valuable sign, take good care of it and it will last for many years.

When storing your banner take care to roll it up, DO NOT FOLD IT. Folding your banner puts undue stress on the vinyl lettering and may cause it to release from the banner.

Be sure that the banner is clean and dry before storing. To clean your banner use a mild soap and do not scrub. Let the banner dry or dry it with a soft cloth and then roll the banner, do not fold it.


If you fold your banner and store it in an unheated area we guarantee you will damage your banner!

Last updated: October 14, 2010

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